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Divine Masters


Sri SATHYA SAI BABA is a well known SPIRITUAL and DIVINE MASTER, albeit a ‘Divine Incarnation’,per se, hailing from the southern part of India .Born at Puttaparthi in Anantpur District of Andhra Pradesh, Sathya Sai BABA is indubitably an incarnation of the Sai Baba of Shirdi . His abode is the Entire Universe ! However, his ‘earthly abode’ as Shirdi Sai, was in the Shirdi District in Maharashtra in Western part of India; and his earthly abode as SATYA SAI was at Prashanti Nilayam, Puttaparthi District, in Andhra Pradesh state in Southern part of India. He incarnated on Planet EARTH on 23 November, 1926 and discarded his earthly vestige in April 2011 . His next and last of the Triple Incarnation will be in a few years from now as “PREMA SAI BABA” in Mandya district of Mysore ( as per his own earlier revelations)

Sri SATYA SAI has himself revealed in his superb discourse in Prashanti Nilayam on the “Guru Poornima Day” of 6th July, 1963, that he was the ‘second Incarnation’ in the “ Sai Avataras “ lineage - spanning a 3-century wide “ triple incarnation” of the Shiva-Shakthi principle. This was declared to be as follows:

  • SHIRDI SAI - as the “SHIVA” Principle (19 -20 CENTURY)
  • SATYA SAI - as the “SHIVA + SHAKTI” Principle (20 - 21 CENTURY)
  • PREMA SAI - as the “SHAKTI” Principle (21 -22 CENTURY)

Sri SATYA SAI Baba has repeatedly emphasized in his numerous discourses on fact that all humans must have “Ceiling on DESIRES” in juxtaposition with strict adherence to the maxim of “LOVE ALL and SERVE ALL” . He emphasized that “SELFLESS and LOVING SERVICE’ is the primary means, through which the HEART of all Human beings gets purified, and thereby automatically attains to true PEACE and DIVINENESS !

In addition, he laid great stress on the fact that although all must follow their own respective religions, ALL religions are one . ALL Castes are one. ALL Humans are One. There is DIVINITY . There is same DIVINENESS in ALL!. Hence, it is indubitably important for each one of us to be a “Good human being” , rather than aspiring to be a “Great Human being”. Goodness is Greatness , as per BABA !

Baba constantly laid stress on the “EDUCATION in HUMAN VALUES (EHV)” concept and “SELFLESS SERVICE” as the guiding signposts, for attaining the singular goal post of Spiritual Liberation from repeated Death and Re-births ( MOKSHA ).

He also advised that unlike various spiritual practices in many earlier yugas , in this KALI yuga, the easiest way to attain MOKSHA is through practice of ‘Namasamrana’ – constant repetition of the names of the Lord! His simple and two superb maxims to emphasize this Unity and Divinity in all beings are summarized in the following four words :


Sri Sathya Sai Baba initiated many Socially useful and beneficial projects serving and benefitting a large and vast cross-section of society across all levels . He got constructed multiple “Hospitals” and “Educational institutions ” where many services are provided totally FREE of cost. Nothing is charged for educational services to parents or Medical services to patients . All services are provided FREE of cost! This has NO Parallel anywhere in this entire world !!

The hospitals provide Primary care , such as Medical camps organized to visit orphanages, old age homes, leprosy homes etc. They also provide secondary care and tertiary care (especially the super-specialty hospitals) without charging any fees at all !

The 10 quintessential points and core aspects of Sri SATYA SAI BABA’s teachings to remember are :
Help Ever Hurt Never
Love All Serve All
You cannot always oblige, but can speak obligingly
Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray
Character is the Most Precious Gift of Education
All are ONE , be alike to Every one
Your Desires are the root cause of your Misery and Re-Birth
Faith is the first step to the grace of God.
Truth will lead you to the deity;
The “3 things” to do - Beloved Swami’s Exhortations
  • Practice three things: Ahimsa, Sathyam, Brahmacharya.
  • Remember three things: Death, Pains of Samsara, God.
  • Remove three things:Egoism, Desire, Attachment
  • Cultivate three things: Humility, Fearlessness, Patience.
  • Eradicate three things: Lust, Anger, Greed.
  • Lust, Anger, Greed. Liberation, The Wise, Selfless Service
  • Admire three things: Generosity, Courage, Nobility.
  • Hate three things: Lust, Anger, Pride.
  • Revere three things:Guru, Renunciation, Discrimination.
  • Control three things:Tongue, Temper, Tossing of Mind.