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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision to holistically inspire and empower Humanity in the Long term - to live a Life of TRUTH, understand the essence of Spirituality and thus Self-Realize the DIVINITY within !
The Mission of this novel Monthly journal ‘The DIVINENESS’ is to help disseminate information, inspire and enlighten people of all ages , young and old, on the hidden treasures of our glorious Spiritual Culture, Ethical and Moral and Human Values . The Divineness magazine also strived to present in a fair, honest and neutral manner, the Superb Teachings of the various great Divine Masters, every month , based on a judicious juxtaposition of articles and insights relating to DIVINITY, SPIRITUALITY and TRUTH - which are highly beneficial in our day to day life !

Our Core Values

These comprise of a tripartite juxtaposition of Ethical, Moral and Human Values as below:

  1. Truth  is what we speak,
  2. Right Conduct  is what we practise,
  3. Love  is what we live,
  4. Non-violence  is what we exhibit
  5. Peace  is what we give and get,

‘The DIVINENESS’ - as ‘SELF Realization’ - is the fruit !